The caravan is a Château Calista with fixed 2-personbed an a eating/loungecorner for 4 people. The loungecorner can be transformed to a 2-personbed. The bedding for the fixed bed is provided and changed once a week. The bedding for the extra bed isn't provided.

The caravan isn't provided with it's own toiletfacility, you can use the campsite toiletbuilding for that.

In the front of the caravan is a front tent placed with a depth of 2,70 meters which will offer you sufficient space. The different sides and front can be removed (zippers) so that an awning remains. A floorplan of the caravan is shown below.

What will you find in the caravan?


  Boiler (5L);

  3-pits gasappliance;

  Waterboiler and coffeemaker;

  (Small) electrical oven;

  Kitchenequipment and tableware for 4 people;

  Gastank with gas for cooking (the use of it is included in the rentalprice);

  (Drinking)watertank (for (re)filling you're responsable, filling equipment is provided);

  Wastewatertank (you're responsable for emptying this tank);

  Table with 4 chairs for outdoor use;



Of course it's always possible to place a extra (childrens)tent on the pitch.


Floorplan caravan

plattegrond caravan



1. Fronttent;

2. Fixed 2-personbed;

3. Eating/loungecorner;

4. Table

5. Wardrobe;

6. Toiletspace in use for stockage;

7. Lavatory;

8. Kitchen with gasappliance and sink;

9. Removable front and side (also windows)